The Bone Fish Bar and Grill

15 Jul

If you’re cruising to Bermuda and your ship is in the Dockyard, the first restaurant you’ll see is The Bone Fish Bar and Grill (please note it is not related to the chain restaurant with a similar name found in the USA. The Bermudian Bone Fish is MUCH better.). I am such a huge fan of this place. We’ve been so there so many times we’ve become good friends with everyone there: Livio – the owner and chef, Phillip, Matteo and Gary – behind the bar, and the other staff including Luca and Bernard. When you go tell them Lorinda and Carlos sent you!

Livio and Carlos (my husband)

Livio and Carlos (my husband)

I highly recommend the fish chowder. Now Bermuda fish chowder is unlike chowder you might be familiar with from the United States. Fish chowder is more like a stew. Here’s a picture, but you have to taste it in order to truly appreciate it.

Fish Chowder at The Bone Fish Bar and Grill

Fish Chowder at The Bone Fish Bar and Grill

The Bone Fish also has delicious seafood, classic Italian dishes, and really good nachos.

Nachos at The Bone Fish

Nachos at The Bone Fish

And of course, there is a fine selection of drinks including Bermuda’s famous ones – rum swizzle, dark and stormy. You can even get a souvenir glass to take home. I have quite a collection!

Rum Swizzle in a Bone Fish glass

Here’s a Rum Swizzle I made at home in one of my Bone Fish glasses.

One thing not to be missed is the entertainment! On Sundays, one of Bermuda’s greatest guitarists, Randy Lambert, performs, and on Mondays they have Salsa Night where instructors teach you how to dance salsa, merengue, and bachata.

Phillip, Carlos and Randy

Phillip, Carlos (my husband), and guitarist Randy Lambert

Bone Fish Bar & Grill
6 Dockyard Terrace
Dockyard, Bermuda
Call: 234 – 5151


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