Art in Bermuda: Lisa Rego

15 Jul

Bermuda and art go hand in hand. In fact, City Hall and the Arts Center are in the same building! There are many fabulous artist in Bermuda, and my favorite is Lisa Rego. We have two of her pieces hanging in our living room:

Afternoon Shadows by Lisa Rego

Afternoon Shadows by Lisa Rego

Apricot Harmony by Lisa Rego

Apricot Harmony by Lisa Rego

With Lisa Rego in her Studio

With Lisa Rego (in center) at her Gallery at the Clocktower Mall

We’ve also purchase three more and they are due to arrive in a month or so. Lisa’s artwork speaks to us in a way no other Bermudian artists work does. She has a way of capturing, not only the beauty of the island, but the beauty of the people. Yes there are spectacular beaches, gorgeous architecture, gourmet food, world-class golf courses, but what makes Bermuda truly unique are it’s citizens. I’ve traveled extensively in Europe and Central America, but I’ve never encountered people as gracious as the Bermudians. Their sincerity is genuine and their love for their island is palpable. Lisa Rego captures this in her paintings.

You can find Lisa Rego at her gallery in the Clocktower Mall at the Royal Naval Dockyard on the west side of the island.


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